WelCome To OnlineSAB Cyber 'n' Communication (P) LTd

Well, Its just a Small Blog For My Own Small business with high destination at the small town of Pokhara, Nepal. its just a small business from my side to myself! it is located In Lamachour -16, Pokhara, Nepal. Its One Completed Cyber and Communication Center at the small town with few of customers but hoping to get more than more guest at the time. I would like to describe my all kind of facilities and services here but not in this post because of i had given all kind of information in this blogspot to you ! I love to making this blogspot myself here ! thanks for All my visitors and friends who visit this blogspot and try to encouraging me personally in my inbox....... I am always Waiting some comments and mails from you so never be late to write me......


This Picture Is Old One!But This is the OnlineSAB
OnlineSAB Cyber 'n' Communication (P) Ltd
Tel No: 977 - 61 - 441301
Cell No: 9804177110
Pokhara -16, Nepal
Email: onlinesabcyber@hotmail.com